TGV promotions at 1 Utama New Wing 16 March 2016 – 27 March 2016

For the past few days of walking from Dataran Parking to my office, this is the first TGV promotion that i have seen at such a massive scale.

The detail happenings are as below…
  So, what do they have there?

Cinema seats

Introduction to the different cinemas and the seats, there is even a personal “tour guide” explaining the benefits and what’s new etc etc. 




Figurine display by shiokTOYS

While scrolling the pictures of the figurines below, do keep in mind of the beauty of it. Appreciate those small details, colour contrast, the “realness” and all. Feel them as if they were there.

If you want to learn more, visit their website.


Huge Screen displaying Trailers

At the same bean bags for anyone to lie down and enjoy the blasting sound and speaker

A counter to Sign Up for Movie club

What really caught my attention is the movie club card is Superman vs Batman (“SVB”) logo! Check out the details here at the website.

For existing movie club member such as myself, I read that a little fee of RM5, I am able to change my currently plain card to the tempting crazy dark SVB logo…

FREE! A counter for Free Premiere movies or movies for the day

This part i am not sure but i do know that the line closes during lunch time cause there is no more free ticket to give.

FREE! More free tickets

At the center of the screen, look for the MC cause he will announce time of giving out free tickets etc. For example, today at about 1.10pm, he was announcing that first 50 will get free tickets for Kung Fu Panda IMAX 2D are given out at 1.45pm for 2.45pm ! How awesome is that?

FREE! Popcorn…

Caramel Popcorn, absolutely FREE! 
Yes it’s caramel coated. My short lunch tour of 10 minutes ended with a free popcorn. Unfortunately, I did not get the free tickets. Perhaps next time. 

Below are the awesome detailed figurines….These are among my favorites by the way. Remember what i said earlier, appreciate the details, how you can free the personality and character of these figurines.

Too real to be true…

Joker (Dark Knight movie)

Batman (Arkham City)
Batman Arkham Knight (Armored Blue)

Red Hood

Iron Patriot
Iron Man Mark 42

Captain America

Thor – Dark Work
Iron Man Mark VII LSF


Book: Becoming a Person of Influence by #JohnCMaxwell

Book: Becoming a Person of Influence by #JohnCMaxwell

A PERSON of Influence Firstly, influence doesn’t come to us instantaneously. It grows by stages. Integrity


Commit yourself to developing strong characters such as trust, honesty, value transparency, fulfill your promises and etc.

Do the little things. Take note of yourself each time you do the following:

– Leave an assignment uncompleted – Neglect to fulfill a commitment

Do what you should do before you do what you want to do

Nurtures Others

How? By showing/giving love, respect, sense of security, recognition and encouragement.

Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticise me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. by William A. Ward

Remember once the bridge is broken, we can rebuild it and make it stronger than before. Looking into the most admire quality in the person and tell him/her about it. Find ways to build it and strengthen the relationship.


 Believe in them before they succeed.

Emphasize their strength

Instill confidence when they fall

Believing in people before they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential.


One of the most important skills that we neglect most of the time.

How to improve our listening skills?

  1. Look at the speaker
  2. Dont’ Interrupt
  3. Focus on Understanding
  4. Determine the Need at the Moment
  5. Check your emotions
  6. Suspend your judgement
  7. Sum up a major intervals
  8. Ask Questions for clarity
  9. Always make LISTENING your priorty


When we understand the other fellow’s viewpoint – understand what he is trying to to do – 9 times our of 10 he is trying to do right. by Harry Truman

We must choose to understand others like Habit 5. Seek first to understand then to be understood in 7HOHEP by #StephenCovey.

Remember the following words

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Every you meet is your mirror. by Ken Keyes, Jr.


Mentoring means to give people the motivation to grow without also providing them the means of doing t is a tragedy and turn their potential into reality, their dreams into reality.

When you enlarge others, you seize an opportunity to help them reach their potential

Thus, we have to see their potential and cast a vision for their future. Identify their passion and focus their strength and slowly develop and looks for rooms to enlarge them.

Navigates for others

As a navigator, we have to identify their destination or goals or dream. We have to look ahead and stay close with them and each other.

From time to time, we make course of corrections to reach the goal. Coach, encourage and instill confidence in them.


Don’t take people for granted.

Look for common ground.

Share common experiences.

Learn to connect at a deeper level.

I can do what you can’t do, and you can do what i can’t do. Together we can do great things by Mother Teresa


Evaluate them on knowledge, skill and desire then supply them with feedback.

We should learn to give others more than just something to do.

Reproduces Other Influencers

Commit yourself to developing Leaders, not followers.

Teach the person to be a leader, not just perform tasks. Share resources, teach and share experiences.

Conclusion, Positive INFLUENCER add values to other people and this could multiply and add values to the world. Being a person of influence isn’t about power or fame, but an honorable person, good at heart so loving and filled with lots of compassion, and so ordinary doing GREATNESS to others.

Notes: Dharma Teaching by Khenpo Tashi Tsering Rinpoche

Disclaimer: Below are notes taken by me during Rinpoche’s talk and not his direct teaching of Dharma. Do feel free to comment and let me know if i made any mistakes below. Thank you and have a good read and practice. 
Khenpo Tashi Tsering Rinpoche gave Dharma teaching at Subang Jaya on 15 June 2015 about 8.30pm.
Rinpoche introduced that he could not joke like Tsoknyi Rinpoche but this is joke. Then he continued with his life story when he was young, he tries to avoid his dad, whom is serious looking, and only go back him when his mother is around.
He emphasised that love, kindness and compassion is taught in all religion.
When someone bad talk others or you, our reply should be silent.
When someone hit or harm you, we should feel scared for their sake by not hurting him.
When someone gossip of you, we should not reaction. This is cause by others pointing our fault and if we reply, we will be pointing their fault and the fault pointing continues on and on.
Rinpoche then explained the one of the few ways of Samatha practices are as follows:
Blissful mediation/experience
Clarity meditation /experience
Non thought meditation /experience
As a Beginner in meditation, Rinpoche advise that we need support and focus on it and concentrate. We start this sitting properly and by feeling blissful from head to toe and toe to head, there is blissful and joyful (a common one) moment that happens without reason. What is important is that we do not be attached to this feeling of peace.
Actually, everyone has it (The feeling of bliss and joy) all the time. It is not the result of meditation that caused the feeling of bliss but, instead, we started to realise it at that moment.
When we encounter that blissfulness, we should  not feel attach to it and maintain that feeling of non-attachment. This is the instruction of this meditation and a way to develop and improve our practice.
At the meantime, Rinpoche explained the essence of the blissfulness is emptiness. He repeated that we should remind ourselves that this is emptiness even though it is temporary.
Why don’t be attached at that time?
Because if we do, we will fall in the Samsara cycle again. Thus, the attitude is to not be attached in order to get out of this Desire realm that we are currently in.
As we continue and maintain our meditation as above, our mind may/will become sharper and clearer in time.  When this state happens, we began to understand the meaning of ‘people hitting us’, ‘harming us’, ‘bad talking us’ and etc. At that instance, it is called CLARITY meditation.
In order to reach a better practice, we have to continue to maintain the above and continuously practice slowly.
We begin to be able to count/recognise the feeling of things that we did not previously recognise or aware before. But Rinpoche explained that we should be careful at this state because we may be in a state that we thought we have reach a greater level of understanding when we have not.
During this state of awareness, we should remain calm and not be excited or attached about it. Instead, Rinpoche advised that just let it be as it is, invaluable, like it is nothing. Just like normal.
This also applies when we visualise a deity and it becomes crystal clear to us. At that moment, we should, again, not be attached to this clarity and maintain in this state and JUST LET IT BE.
In the Sutra text, a lot of talk/text written about emptiness. However, to date, we don’t have a definition about emptiness (Sunyata) to describe the real meaning. The Non-thought experience could be explained when we have a certainty of emptiness or the experience of emptiness.
By meditating Samata, we could reach this experience. Even in Dzogchen practice, we could reach this similar experience of non-thought or emptiness.
What do we think or feel at this point then?
When we meditate, it doesn’t mean that we have to close the door, switch off the lights or close the windows to prepare for meditation. Instead, someone can meditate even without the above circumstances.
Once upon a time, a person, Z, saw Milarepa keep singing a song while doing the same gesture. He said he wants the same like him but I couldnt be as Calm as you and asked him how do he do so? Milarepa reply that he doesn’t have a field, house, father, mother sister and gave up everything. This absences of objects helped me with this blissfulness. Z understood what Milarepa said literally and started giving his things, properties, home and etc to everyone as he understood from Milarepa and he isolated himself in a jungle and act like Milarepa’s same gesture. In time, he felt hungry and realised that there is no food around. In time, he felt thirsty, but there isn’t any water nearby. During this time, he realised that he was facing more problem instead. He decided to head home, but he realised has no home as he had given it away, he needed to eat but he has no money to buy any food…then, finally, he said to himself: “the one who gave him the most problem was Milarepa”. hahaha.
The point is there is no instruction for all the animals in the jungle. The difference between Milarepa is Milarepa went to isolated place on the instructions of the Guru but Z did not.
With this simple understanding, Rinpoche advised us that when we do go for meditation, we must and should go with the instructions and blessing of our Guru.
In addition, what is the difference between a Dharma practitioner and those that do not?
Rinpoche explained that whenever a problem is encountered by a Dharma practitioner, we, somehow, are able to handle this known problem.
Dalai lama once said my flesh and your flesh is the same. When my flesh is hurt, the ‘hurt’ I experience is the same as the ‘hurt’ that you will experience when in the same situation.
The difference, however, is that we, as Dharma practitioners, can understand and accept this problem/experience and it becomes less painful. While without Dharma, we may not able to reach an understanding of these suffering. This, in time, resulted in more problems occurring.
This is because when we experience these problems, we tend to have lots of questions in regards to these problems which creates more problems such as Why this pain us experienced by me?, Why am I suffering like this? and etc etc. Rinpoche said that this is the main difference. He continued explaining that on the outside, people like us, our wealth is increasing but our mental strength is decreasing.
What should we do when we face a problem then?
Thus, Rinpoche introduced a practice for us to use whenever we face such circumstances.
When the problem arises, in your mind, close the vajra and below that have a sever blue HUNG and below that have blue AH. (Another definition of Om Ah Hung, just for reference)
Slowly, AH becomes invisible together with HUNG within the mind and just focus on the HUNG. Just maintain that Hung in mind and, we will realised that the other distractions will dissolve automatically. You may test this when you have lots of stress of problems such as business loss, divorce, sadness and etc.
Just visualise the HUNG and AH merging, and focus on the AH.
As you continue to maintain (focusing) on AH, Rinpoche explained that slowly and slowly the HUNG and AH would disappear and dissolve into emptiness. Then, we remind ourselves that other problems in different colours and those problems too slowly disolve.
Rinpoche clarify that AH is the archer or Chinese archer or it can be in any form or language of AH.
Then, Rinpoche ended his talk by practicing the above meditation with all of us, which i felt was very insightful as he gave direct guidance as we sat and meditate as a group.

Free upgrade to Windows 10 for real?

Free upgrade to Windows 10 for real?

It was weird when i suddenly receive a Windows 10 upgrade on my desktop notification.

As curious as a cat, i clicked on the icon and the above appeared.

With the strong auditor blood in me, i was skeptical with these free things. So i googled and confirmed that, it is true!

Below are the links on the up and coming Windows 10:

1. Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users

2. Microsoft to make Windows 10 free to Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users

3. Windows 10 Installs Automatically On Windows 7 And Windows 8

4. Windows 10 Release Date Revealed: How To Upgrade For Free

5. Microsoft to deliver free upgrades to Windows 10

Just my two cents.

Book: Winning The Battle for Relevance by Michael McQueen summary

Book: Winning The Battle for Relevance by Michael McQueen summary

I have attended ACCA conference last month and got this book from one of the speaker, Michael McQueen, whom talks about how great companies fall and what to do to avoid it.

In summary, Michael talks about how time waits for no man and companies need to up their power of innovation in order to stay ahead of the game. Below is the summary of his book.

Section 1: The Cycle of Relevance

All business has to begin somewhere and, in time, becomes PROMINENCE and prime of its time. This is when the business grow becomes invincible in its line.

However, up to a certain point, the transition from relevance to IRRELEVANCE becomes a reality. It is a very confusing stage as there is no fact or information to show that the business is failing.

In time, if the company know what to do, they could turn things around and regain momentum, but they do not then, needlessly to say, its good bye into OBSOLESCENE stage.

The above is called the Relevance Curve which could be found in our history, empires, community service organisation, culture and etc. Great examples provided are the CDs, MP3 players, public pay phones, etc.

Section 2: The 5 Roads to Irrelevance

Road 1 : Shift Happens

The shifts includes:

  1. Societal Shifts – Things come and go with time. What is popular one season will likely be passe in the next.
  2. Demographic Shifts – The Generation Y, the up and coming generation.
  3. Market Shifts – In the world of consumer electronics, Apple solution of the iPod technology was to invent the ‘iPod Killer’ themselves which came the birth of iPhone.
  4. Technological shifts –
    1.  Obsolete technology-induced product
      1. Blockbuster video
      2. Enclycopedia Britannica
      3. Postal services
    2. The Death of paper – Yellow pages advertisement has fallen 40% in the past 7 years
    3. The Death of PC – In India, 59% of consumers reported using mobile devices as their primary web access
  5. Legislative shifts – Ie, Audi designing engines that shut off at traffic lights to minimise fuel consumption

Road 2: The Intoxication of Success

Example, Kodak was the demise of photographic but it success appear to be intoxicated by the following factor:

Complacency – Just as comfort is the enemy of progress, becoming complacent in success is one of the most dangerous trap an organisation can fall into

The greatest challenge we have as we become successful is not to rest on our laurels, never feel like we’ve done it. The minute you feel like you’ve done it, that’s the beginning of the end. – K. Shelly Porges –

Conceit – defined as an excessive pride in oneself

Conceit tends to arise in any industry where a small number of key players have dominated and remained unchallenged for a long time – Peter Drucker-

Ivory tower syndrome – We loss sight of the products from the consumer’s point of view

Closed-mindedness – It is natural for success to solidify people’s perception that a certain set of rules, beliefs assumptions have led to this triumph in the past.

Before we can change anything else, we must be willing to change our mind.

Conformity – Like attracts like -You become like those you associate with

Road 3: Preservation Obsession

You can’t keep doing what works one time, because everything around you is always changing. To succeed, you have to stay out in front of that change -Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart –

A Glorification of the past 

An Over-emphasis on process – Try to make uncertainty your friend and being consistent could fail to provoke consistency because employee has been trained to do but not to think.

A stubborn commitment to traditions and rituals  – Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you don’t keep moving

Road 4: Progress Addiction

The below are way of failures if the company is too focus of getting better or being the best that they lose sight of their main purpose:

Grow too quickly

Changing too much, too quickly

Knee-jerk response to competitor’s moves

Moving away from core strengths

Road 5: The Human Factor

We are humans and we tend to make mistakes but knowing our mistakes is a first step to preventing us from failing.

Poor judgement



Section 3: The Battle for Relevance

Below are the steps to counter irrelevance which i personally find it really helpful and meaningful not just for the companies but for myself or my life.


DNA = Defining Values + Driving Purpose

What is your company’s value? What are you currently known for?

Why do you exist?


What would you set to do if your success was assured?


Streamlining operations and decentralising power and control

Focus on good stuff

What steps can you take to start refreshing your organisation in the next week?


  1. Deconstruct – steps, process…
  2. Evaluate – Is it effective? Is it necessary? Is it aligned?
  3. Innovate –
    1. What would be a better/faster/cheaper/more efficient approach?
    2. What are our competitors doing?
    3. How have things been done in the past?
  4. Reassemble

In order to survive, a company’s internal rate of change has to be greater than the external rate of change


Leverage fresh eyes and foster a culture of curiosity where ‘what if’ questions are encouraged


Get to know your customers

Developing new products, services or features

Exploiting new markets

Adopting new messaging

Embracing new formats or approaches

We cannot change the wind but we can go with the wind rather than against it -to tack

It’s not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent but those most responsive to change -Charles Darwin-

Hope you like my summary above. If you have read it this far, do drop me a comment or your thoughts and opinion of my summary. Thanks!

Borrow books for free at Perpustakaan Raja Uda

There is a government library at Shah Alam in the golf club that borrows free books for 3 weeks and all you need is a Malaysian Identification Card (“IC”).

I got to know about the library when I started my new habit to read a book per week. Since books are expensive in Malaysia, borrowing a book was another option to cultivate this habit.

Details of the library are as follows:

Name: Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, Shah Alam


Address: Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda

Jalan Kelab Golf 13/6, Seksyen 13,

40100 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Opening hours:

Monday: 10.00am – 7.00pm

Tuesday – Friday: 9.30am – 7.00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am – 9.00pm

You may borrow a maximum of 5 books (That was months ago, now i believe its 10 books) for 3 weeks.

But those were the days i went to the library, recently, i have been buying books (from the big bad box sale ) or reading from Kindle.

Free books but time consuming

It’s true that i get to borrow many books and get to read for free but what really difficult is that i have to drive all the way to the library and return/borrow the books.

Book: Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

Book: Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney. New York: Penguin Press, 2011. 304 pp. $27.95 (hardcover).

  1. What is Willpower?
  2. How does Willpower works?
  3. How can i improve my Willpower?
  4. What can i do now or start today after rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength?
  5. Beneficial information

What is Willpower

Self-control is part of willpower.


  1. Energy with limit or finite amount of willpower – could deplete
  2. We use same stock of willpower for all manner of tasks

Ego Depletion – restraining sexual impulses takes energy and so does creative work. -affects heart beat

Conclusion on ego depletion: Your willpower is diminished and your cravings feel stronger than ever (ie, addictions)

4 Categories

  1. Control of thoughts
  2. Control of emotions
  3. Impulse control – ability to resist temptation
  4. Performance control – focus energy on current task

How does Willpower works

More glucose absorbed by the body, the better willpower and vice versa.

With breakfast (‘fuel’) comes better performance.

Conclusion: No glucose, no willpower.

When willpower is depleted, we tend to make not buy or make decision or choose whatever the default option was or recommended option.

How can i improve my Willpower

1. Eat foods with low glycemic index: vegetables, nuts, raw fruits, cheese, fish, meat, olive oil and ‘good’ fats.

2. Sleep reduce demand for glucose, thus improve overall ability to make use of glucose in the bloodstream.

Willpower 101

What can i do now or start today after rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

  • Set goals
    • 13 Weeks to Total Virture by Benjamin Franklin
    • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
    • GTD by David Allen
  • Lifehacker website
  • Getting your brain wired into little goals and achieving them, that helps achieve the bigger things you shouldn’t be able to do said David Blaine
  • Sitting up straight could improve willpower as the key is to concentrate on changing a habitual behaviour thus an exercise in self-control
  • Change speech habits – ie, say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ instead of ‘yeah’ and ‘nope’; avoid  ‘like’ and ‘you know’…etc
  • For writers: Write every day. Use your self-control to form a daily habit, and you’ll produce more with less effort in long run.

Beneficial information

  1. 3 Consequences of conflicting goals
    1. You worry a lot
    2. You get less done
    3. Your health suffers, physically and mentally
  2. Short term vs long term
    1. Answer: Proximal/ both
    2. Short term – day to day basis to create momentum and confidence
    3. Long term – help to remember your goals when faced with challenges
  • Zeigarnik effect
  • The Judge’s Dilemma (and the Prisoner’s distress) – sandwich/break time.
  • Choose: receive $100 now or $150 but in a month. Our judgement is distorted by the temptation of immediate cash that we irrationally devalue the future prize. This tendency is called hyperbolic discounting.
  • Children: Self esteem vs self control :
    • Students’ self esteem went up while their performance declined. They felt better about doing worse.
    • High self esteem, more confidence, more willing to act on their beliefs- side effects: arrogance and becomes narcissism
    • Self control – hard work, diligence, steadiness, reliability
    • Asian parents use ‘authoritative’ that set limits/rules that instill self-control by being governed.
    • The more children are monitored, the more opportunities they have to build their self-control with parents guidance. Thus, anything that forces children to exercise self-control can be helpful, ie,writing thank-you notes, minding their table manners etc.
  • Dieting – requires strong willpower.

References and check out other reviews:

  2. The Sugary Secret of Self-control
  3. Book review: Willpower by Baumeister & Tierney by